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In Memory Chaplain (MG) G.T. Gunhus (US Army Retired)

In Memory

Chaplain (MG) G.T. Gunhus (US Army Retired)


Many of us have our own memories of G.T. and I hope that we will all value and share those memories with each other and with the chaplains coming into the Corps. G.T. served in many very significant and important positions in the Army, including being our Chief. He always was a leader and his voice was a valued one in the meeting of the senior chaplains. He knew the importance of these fora in the leadership of the Corps. He kept these meeting going when he became Chief and used the senior leaders of the Corps to form a vision of the Chaplain Family.

            The Chaplains Corps has come through some important milestones during his career. The Chaplains Corps helped the Army recover from the war in Vietnam to become the finest Armed Force in the world. We have been there to help the Army in our engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq and we were with them in combat and in returning from deployments. We have seen our existence challenged and have worked through some internal crises like prayer and homosexuality. G.T. had a leadership role in all of these and more. In it all, he had concern for the chaplain family and doing things to strengthen our bonds together.

            The one thing that I remember most about G.T. was his desire to help young chaplains by setting up mentoring programs for them. This was the biggest sense of calling as he approached retirement. I remember his getting a contract to set up a mentoring program for the Chaplain Candidates. He and Hugh Dukes worked hard to make this program work. G.T. gave the clarion call to the retired community to use their experience to make the Candidate ready and more competent upon entry into the Service. Hugh managed the program and G.T. was indebted to Hugh for his work and dedication to helping G.T. realize his dream. I remember being able to mentor Candidates from my denomination and others is the Michigan area. I still keep in communication with several of these. G.T. was thankful to all who became mentors.

            Then we all were impressed and thankful for the first Chaplain Reunion and the work John Scott and his team did in organizing that event. G.T. wanted to keep that reunion and to expand it to include the entire Army Chaplain Family to keep it healthy, courageous and spiritually fit. This year, we will celebrate our 8th Biannual Chaplain Family Reunion in San Antonio, TX. The planning effort for this reunion is being led by a retired DRE, Kim Casey. G.T. was very happy about that. He was always filled with ideas for the reunion and worked hard to make them successful.

            The mechanism that was put in place to coordinate all of these efforts was the United States Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association. G.T. led a group of Chaplains to bring about the birth of this organization. He expanded the vision of the USACCRA to include all active and retired Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, the Reserve components, the Directors of Religious Education, the widows and widowers and the civilians who worked to support the chaplains. Each year USACCRA has become better organized and better in communicating with the chaplains’ family. G.T. was always generous with his advice to the President and the Board. We all were aware of his dedication because he showed up at our meetings even when it was an effort to do so. He was living out his calling to continue to serve God and the chaplaincy.

He never stopped his concern for mentoring and the C2C program was his latest planning in this long list of efforts. The OP TEMPO of the Army in the past few years makes mentoring difficult, but G.T. did not give up and continued to coordinate with the Chief of Chaplains to keep mentoring alive in the Branch.

I think that the greatest gift we could give to G.T. is to continue all our efforts to make the chaplain family strong and to help young chaplains succeed in the Corps so that we can best serve the Army God has called us to serve in ministry. We all say, “Thank You, G.T. for the love you showed our Chaplain Family.”

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Herman Keizer Jr.
Chaplain (COL) ret.
Former President and member of the USACCRA Board.

Retiring USACCRA Board Member

Retiring USACCRA Board Member

We want to thank our retiring USACCRA Board Members for their dedication to growing and developing our organization that serves you and the Chaplaincy Family. Sergeant Major (Retired) Larry Toelstede, Chaplain (LTC-R) Bill Lord, Chaplain (COL-R) Paul Howe, Chaplain (COL-R) Alan Buckner have all volunteered their time and gifts from the earliest days of Chaplain Family Reunions, to establishing the Charter for the USACCRA, to establishing programs that give you opportunities to serve and support the Army Chaplaincy Family. We pray the Lord will bless them as they have blessed us. We know they will continue to serve the Army Chaplaincy Family as members of the USA Chaplain Corps Regimental Association.


Chaplain (COL-R) Paul Howe, 2nd VP for MembershipPaul
It has been my joy to serve The United States Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association (USACCRA) as Second Vice President for Membership for the past three years. In that capacity I have attempted to contact you via e-mail and talk with many by phone. I look forward to supporting my replacement, Chaplain (COL) Scottie Lloyd (Ret), and I encourage each of you to keep your membership active, volunteer to serve as a mentor to those currently serving on active duty, and attend regional and national gatherings of USACCRA.



Sergeant Major (Retired) Larry Toelstede Member-at-Large





I was drafted on December 8th 1969 and retired December 31st, 1999. Duty stations included Ft Campbell, KY; Ft Leonardwood, MO; Oakland AFB, CA; Schoefield Bks, HI, Ft Hood, TX; HAAF, Savannah, GA; Ft Stewart, GA;; Recruiting duty Champaign and Dewight, IL; Instructor, Ft Monmouth, NJ; Campbell Bks, Heidelberg, Germany; 1SG, Ft Monmouth, NJ; SGM Academy, Ft Bliss, TX; 6th Army, Presidio of SF, CA; FORSCOM, Ft McPherson, GA; V Corps Frankfurt, Germany; 2nd Army, Ft Gillem, GA; USARC, Atlanta, GA; FORSCOM 2d time, Ft MCpherson, GA.
My wife JoAnn married for 43 years lived in 23 homes in our 30 year career. Raised two children, Rod and Susie, have five grandchildren and five great grandkids with one on the way. One on my highlights was being nominated to be the 3rd Regimental SGM by Chaplain Gunhus and serving for over 6 years.

I have Enjoyed my long stint on the Board and being heavily involved from the 1st reunion in 2002 at Ft Jackson to this last reunion in Atlanta, in September 2014.




Chaplain (COL-R) Bill Lord Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large
Chaplain Lord served four years as an infantryman and chaplain’s assistant in the 11th Airborne Div. He served six years in the Army Reserve while finishing college and seminary and serving as a SBC pastor in Mississippi.
Called to active duty in 1964 as a chaplain,, he participated in the Air Mobile Division Test at Ft. Benning, and a year later he was sent to Vietnam with the 1st Bde (ABN), 1st Cav. After a tour at Ft Meade, he returned to Vietnam to serve with infantry and air cavalry units of the 101st ABN. Selected to attend CPE at the Federal Youth Center near Denver, he initiated the first Clinical Pastoral Education program on a military installation at Ft Leonard Wood.
His subsequent assignments included XVIII Airborne Corps Deputy Chaplain, Division Chaplain of the 82d Airborne, Munich, and the Nuernberg Community where in 1984 he retired as a Colonel.
For the next 20 years he was a Human Resources Consultant and President of a Leadership Training firm serving Fortune 500 companies in Europe and Law Enforcement agencies throughout the US.
During the past six years he was instrumental in establishing the legal and organizational standing of the Association and served as Secretary and Treasurer and Board Member at large.
He and his wife Bettye reside in Springfield, Missouri.



Alan Buckner was born and raised in Weaverville, North Carolina. He graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1975 where he earned a Masters of Divinity degree. In 1984 he graduated from the University of Louisville, Kentucky with a Masters in Educational Psychology, and in 2000 graduated from the U.S. Army War College with a Masters of Strategic Studies. Reverend Buckner served in the Army as a Chaplain for 31 years, entering at the rank of Captain and retiring at the rank of Colonel. While serving with the Army in Washington, DC, Chaplain Buckner Joined the Presbyterian Church USA, and became a minister of Word and Sacrament in the National Capital Presbytery. Among Chaplain Buckner’s career highlights he was honored to perform the funeral service and graveside honors for the Honorable Caspar Weinberger orchestrated religious support to the victims of the 9/11 Pentagon attack as the Director of Plans, Policy Development and Training for the Chief of Chaplains; served as the Army Chaplain for all of the Ronald Reagan funeral honors; and Upon retirement in 2008, Chaplain Buckner accepted a call to serve as the Pastor of Gilwood Presbyterian Church, Concord, North Carolina.
Reverend Buckner and his wife Lou reside in the Skybrook community of Huntersville. They have two Sons Jamerson and Elliott. Jamerson lives in Davidson along with his wife Leah, and their two sons, Harrison (5 years) and Benjamin (3 years). Elliott resides in Greensboro with his wife Maria.