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Senior Chaplain Search Ad

Senior Chaplain Search Ad


We are seeking a retired (or soon to be retired) military chaplain of any branch of service to serve as our Senior Chaplain.  The Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation – where the veteran is remembered – was established in 1966-67 to save the historic U.S. Army Post Chapel built 1927-28 from the wrecking ball.  The Chapel Foundation is an independent, non-denominational Christian congregation.  The Chapel is located about 1-mile from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and the VA Medical Center and VA National Cemetery in Minnesota.  Average attendance on Sunday mornings is about 170 with a membership of 190 households.  Our main floor of the sanctuary seats 220, another 65 in the balcony, and overflow of 75 in the fellowship hall via video projection.  There is a 45-minute intergenerational Christian education class prior to worship averaging 25-35 attendees; and a children’s church during the sermon for K-6th grade averaging 3-6 students.  Guest musicians (vocal/instrumental) perform at each service.  A time of fellowship follows each worship service.  The annual operating budget is $250K, and we tithe our plate offering to outside ministries.  Administrative offices and meeting conference room are located in Bloomington.  The chaplaincy does not provide housing.  For more information, visit our homepage [].  For information as to how to apply for the position, please email us at with the subject line “Senior Chaplain Inquiry” NLT 15 January 2018.



Our Army Chaplain Family is grieving the loss of a dear Chaplain Brother who recently took his life at Fort Riley, Kansas.  He was serving as a Battalion Chaplain at Fort Riley.  We pray for his family and trust the Lord will give them strength and courage and the Hope of the Resurrection.  “Would-a-should-a-could-a”, is running through my heart and mind, big time!  Could our Shepherds and Elders have been able to help and made a difference?  Nobody knows that.  But we weren’t there!!  That I know!!

I was hoping we would have our Care to Caregivers program in full swing by now.   Fort Riley will be the first place we will be connecting Shepherds and Elders with serving Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants.  I know there are many of you in our retired Chaplaincy Family living within driving distance from Fort Riley.  It is not necessary for a Shepherd or Elder to be within driving distance of the Chaplain or Chaplain Assistant that would be mentored.  A cell phone, email, or text is all one needs to establish a mentoring relationship.  However in the case of Fort Riley and what has happened there recently, we would like to have some of our mentors from the local area mentoring the Chaplains or Chaplain Assistants at Fort Riley.   I am asking you to step forward now and volunteer to be a Shepherd.  Send me a note with your contact information telling me you are ready to step forward to serve as a Shepherd or Elder.  My email address is:  I will personally get in touch with you.  You can also call me at 571-214-1463.

Thank you,

Chaplain (MG-Ret) Gaylord T. Gunhus


Help Needed

Coordinator of C2C Volunteers

We need a coordinator for the C2C Volunteer Team.  It requires a working knowledge of spreadsheets.  The coordinator will receive the application form, transfer some of the data (name, address, and contact information) to a spreadsheet, and store the application forms in a file.  Once we are operational, you will provide the data to the appropriate family life chaplain at the installations. The family life chaplain will assign the volunteers as the Shepherds and Elders to mentor our serving chaplains and chaplain assistants. If you are interested in serving as the coordinator, contact GT Gunhus at .

Coordinator for “Where are You Now”

One of our efforts to provide information to you about our Chaplain Corps Family is the “Where are You Now” (Formerly Ministry Report) on our website.  Essentially, individual can click on the “Where are Now” page, fill in a form and it is sent to the USACCRA Director of Communications. He will pass the form to the coordinator, who will consolidate the input to be place on the association blog. It might take a couple of hours a week, depending on how much input is received.  If you are interested in doing this, contact GT Gunhus at