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Arizona Chapter



“The Arizona Chapter met in Tucson at the Bisbee Breakfast Club for a no-host lunch on Dec. 12th.  Seventeen people attended and started planning to welcome everyone to Tucson for October’s USACCRA Tenth Bienniel Reunion.  Lots of our Arizona group are willing to help, including this great Tucson/Sierra Vista group in the picture. “

Picture (from left around the table)

Dwight Jennings

Linda Floyd

Donna Weddle

Steve Utter

John Zinck

Tom & Susan Day

Ann & Ken Kolenbrander

Karen Zinck

Terry Cotton

Paul Weddle

Wanda & Dan Minjares

Bob Bendick

(Roy Ludlow attended, but had to leave before this picture)

DCA Chapter

The DCA Chapter of the Chaplain Regimental Association met for luncheon on Wednesday, January 29, at the Patton Club at Ft Myer.  Our gathering was primarily social, and everyone enjoyed catching up on our various exciting moments.  The group is next scheduled to meet on April 29 at 1145 at Ft Myer. As our summer event, we will join the celebration of the Chaplain Corps anniversary hosted by the Chief of Chaplains on July 31(tentative date).


Pictured Left to Right:

Seated:  Betty Nass, Ben Nass, Wayne Ice, Wayne, jr. Ice, Connie Ice, Benchuck Manning, Carolyn Manning

Standing:  William Jokela, Gary Dahl, David Bowerman, Kristi Pappas, Wayne Lehrer, Susan Dahl, Doug Lee

Report of Local WASH, DC USACCRA September Luncheon

Pictured from Left to Right:
Standing: Michael Coffee, Gary Dahl, Wayne Lehrer, Bill Jokela, Randall Bowen
Sitting: Donna Weddle, Kristi Pappas, Susan Dahl, Wayne Stinchcomb, Ben Chuck Manning



A full table of active and retired ministry team folks met on Wednesday, Sept 25, at the

Ft Myer club to share our joys and challenges and to begin the talk about the next

Regimental Reunion in Tucson, AZ 27-30 October 2020.  This was our first attempt to

meet on a Wednesday and once again some folks had conflict.  We may be learning

that there is no perfect day.  BUT we decided to try 5th Wednesdays to avoid some of

the 1st and 3rd, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays on which members had conflict.

Next meeting, January 29, 2020, at the Myer club @ 11:45 a.m.  Tentatively also 4/29, Chaplain

Anniversary in July, and 9/30.

Chaplain Wayne Stinchcomb made a brief presentation on the VA Vet Centers

which offer community based care to a host of veteran issues, including PTSD and

suicide prevention.  Feel free to contact Wayne if you have questions

Wayne Stinchcomb

Vet Center Outreach Specialist

301 589-1073

East Alabama Chapter

The East Alabama chapter of USACCRA met on July 30 at Olive Garden in Oxford. We welcomed into our fellowship Chaplain (MAJ) Marshall S. Chavez, a National Guard Chaplain on active duty assigned to Fort McClellan. As his presence lowered the average age of our group significantly, we enjoyed the personal contact with one who is following a path many of us have trod in the past.

Pictured below are: Seated (LtoR): Hugh Kelso, Dorothy Kelso, Sandra Morton, Mickey Morton; Standing (LtoR): Tom Smith, Carolyn Smith, Marshall Chavez, Jim Wilson, Jim Holliday, Brenda Perry, and Gary Perry.

The Arizona Chapter


“The Arizona Chapter has held two lunches this winter, in Tucson on February 6th at The Parish Restaurant, and at Ft. Huachuca on March 8th at the Thunder Mountain Activity Center.  The next event will be at Mimi’s Café in Scottsdale, on March 28th.  We will plan one more luncheon this winter in Tucson, during early April.   If you have moved to Arizona, or are “snow-birding” there, please contact Donna Weddle at to get yourself added to the roster for information on future events.”

First Picture at Ft. Huachuca:  Donna Weddle, Tom and Susan Day, Fred Robinson, Terry Cotton, and Pat Dickson

Second Picture in Tucson:  Bob Bendick, Donna Weddle, Roy Ludlow,  Ken Kohlenbrander, Tom Day, Paul Weddle, and Steve Utter

Washington DC-area Chaplain Corps

Friday, 25 January 2019 was the “kick-off” meeting of the Washington DC-area Chaplain Corps network of chaplains, chaplain assistants (RAS), DREs, DA Civilians and spouses.  Central to our start was gathering in prayer, led by David Hicks.  Our agenda was to enjoy the friendship and connections together.  There is a definite “afterglow” from the November 2018 USACCRA 9th Biennial Chaplain Corps Family Reunion.  Many words of thanks were expressed for the National leadership and the satisfaction of teamwork to celebrate chaplain ministries and communities.

Pictured are:  (seated) Connie and Wayne Ice with Wayne, Jr., Carolyn and BenChuck Manning, Bill Jokela and Randell Bowen, (standing) Paula and Eric Wester, David and Janice HIcks, Gary Dahl, Ben and Betty Nass, Renee Kilsh, Wayne Lehrer, Phyllis and Jack Marcom and Susan Dahl.  We got regrets from Jeff and Monika Young, Otto Reinbacher, Bruce Burslie, Jane Heaton, Bob Chance, Dennis Madtes and Doug Lee (with late-breaking cancellations). Of course, Donna Weddle is on her “western decampment” based in the Phoenix area for the winter and fostering gatherings there.  Our Washington DC gathering was a time of celebration and gratitude.

Looking ahead, the group determined to set the next meeting for Tuesday, 30 April at the Patton Club, Fort Myer, Virginia, gathering at 11:45 am for a 11:55 am kick-off.  Also, looking toward the future, by acclamation the group determined that Chaplain Wayne Lehrer would join SGM Susan Dahl and Chaplain Donna Weddle as the DC-area planning team.  This was prompted by Chaplain Eric and Paula Wester who bade farewell as Eric retires from active ministry as an ecclesiastical endorser.  In February, they move to Jacksonville, Florida.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, 30 April, 1145 am at the Patton Club.  Hope to see you there!

Greetings to all of you,


The gathering of the Chaplaincy people was this past Tuesday (30 April) at the

Fife and Drum Dining Room at Ft Myer (1145).  Ten of us were able to be together

this time (see photo).

Among the items discussed were:

> which day of the week is best for our gatherings.   We decided to move them

to Thursday for the near future.

>  How often should we gather?  Quarterly, as we do now, or more often?  We

decided that should be at the next gathering.

>  What, besides gathering for lunch, are we prepared to do at our gatherings?

Example:  Go to Gettysburg and ask Ch Hicks to share their city.


The MDW Chaplains were also meeting at this same time, and we secured information

on the Chaplain Anniversary celebration so that our members can include it in our

reserved dates.  2019 anniversary on 26 July, beginning about 0930 at Ft Myer’s

Memorial Chapel.  Plans include a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery’s

Chaplain Hill, followed by a cake cutting, and lunch at the Chapel.   Please put our

corp anniversary on your calendars.


Our next gathering will be Thursday, June 20, 1145, at Ft Myer.


Wayne Lehrer, “convener!”


DC Chapter

Picture 1

Picture 2

Dear Colleagues and Friends in the Chaplain Corps,

See the photos for a glimpse at our participants for the April Luncheon and Planning Meeting.  We convened at the Patton Club (formerly the Officers’ Club) at Fort Myer, Virginia for a marvelous buffet.  This was a “working lunch” for our group to take up on-going plans for the 9th Biennial Chaplain Corps Family Reunion.  Dates for the Reunion are 7 – 10 November 2018.  We will be gathering under the theme, “Always In Service.”

The DC local planning effort convened for the prayer (offered by David Hicks), a delightful meal and shared updates.  Attending were (picture 1, left to right): Donna Weddle, Jane Heaton, Wayne, Jr., Connie and Wayne Ice, David and Janice Hicks; (picture 2) Gary Dahl, Gerald Holliday, Randall Bowen, David Bowerman, Bill Jokela, Eric Wester, Jack Marcom, Susan Dahl, Phyllis Marcom, Renee Klish and Wayne Lehrer.

Regrets were offered by Kristi Pappas, Sherry and Jerry Reynolds, Jeffrey and Monika Young, Mary Pullen, Timothy Mallard, Ben and Betty Nass, Ivan Ives, Jim and Justine Roberts, Steve Moon, Benchuck Manning, Dennis Madtes and Doug Lee.

Our next meeting will be on Friday, 15 June at 1145.  Our location is a “sneak preview” of the site for the reunion:  Sheraton Pentagon City, 900 S Orme St, Arlington, VA 22204

Stay tuned for further details about our next meeting, on-going calls for volunteers and plan to register for the November Reunion!


Arizona Chapter More New Photos Below

(Tucson): Sandy & Bob Flaherty, Steve Utter, Terry Cotton, Ken and Ann Kolenbrander, Rose and Dave Lundell, Donna Weddle, Tom Day

(Scottsdale)- Dan Butler, John Schumacher, Ken Bucey, Sue Delossa, Sandy Flaherty, Bob Flaherty, Al Delossa, Donna Weddle, Martha Schumacher

(Tucson): Bob Flaherty, Donna Weddle, Eugene Friesen, Ken Kohlenbrander, Ann Kolenbrander, Terry Cotton, Sandy Flaherty

(Sierra Vista)-Skip LaMertha, Donna Weddle, Tom Day, Ken and Ann Kolenbrander, Dawn LaMertha, Pat Dickson

The Arizona Chapter has held four lunches this winter, two in Tucson, one in Scottsdale, and one in Sierra Vista.  Thanks so much for all who attended and helped set these lunches up.  We’ve had several new participants this year and are happy that so many are able to get together with old and new Chaplaincy Friends.

If you’d like to join us,  or have started a new group of your own anywhere in the country, please send pictures and information to Donna Weddle  I’d be glad to help in any way I can.

Donna Weddle

3rd Vice President for Local Chapters



At the Fall Luncheon meeting of the DC-area USACCRA on Thursday, October 12th, we started with local plans to support the 2018 USACCRA National gathering.  The biennial national gathering includes the volunteer effort with contracted support from Armed Forces Reunions.

Dates – Wednesday (1700) through Saturday (1200), 7 – 10 Nov 18

Where – Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel

Arizona Chapter



“The Arizona Chapter has had two great lunch meetings this winter and is looking forward to a third on April 7th, at Ft. Huachuca.  The first lunch was held at the Thunder Canyon Brewery, in downtown Tucson, on February 9th.  Attendees included Donna Weddle, Steve Utter, Roy Ludlow, Eugene Friesen, John Stieve and daughter Sarah, Dave Lundell, Ken and Ann Kolenbrander, Tom Day, and Bob Bendick.  The picture is again hampered by all of our bright Arizona sunshine. 


The second lunch, organized for the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale crowd, was held at Mimi’s Café in Scottsdale on March 1st, with the Al and Sue DeLossa, Marion and Carol Pember with daughter Kim, John and Martha  Schumacher, Bob and Sandy  Flaherty, and Ken Bucy present.  Thanks so much to Al DeLossa for organizing this lunch. 


Our next lunch will be on April 7th at Ft. Huachuca.  Thanks so much to Fred Robinson, Ken Kolenbrander, and Tom Day for leading this event.  Please contact Donna Weddle at for more information.”


Please edit as needed, Dan.


God’s peace,