Story Tellers

The Chaplain Corps Family are story tellers. Religious Affairs Specialists tell stories of how chaplains might help Soldiers if they would give the ‘chap a chance’. Directors of Religious Education tell and retell stories from ‘religious writ’ fortifying the Almighty’s care for all. Chaplains ‘preach, teach, and reach’ with salvation stories. Spouses tell stories of endless moves and trials supporting spouse and family in serving ‘God and country’. Civilian workers quietly build stories by aiding Unit Ministry Teams (UMT) “bringing God to people and people to God”. We are story tellers.

Our stories are needed now more than ever. Recruitment of talented diverse UMTs reaching all Soldiers (including the ‘nones’) and their families is forever a challenge. The Holy Spirit can use us in calling people to be the hands and feet of God to uniformed servants of the nation. USACCRA has a wealth of seasoned story tellers dispersed across the country. One way we support this UMT calling is to ‘seek and tell’ our experiences and calling to those whom we encounter. We are the Chaplain Corps recruitment ambassadors.

There is an effective way to do this. Speaking with our Army UMT recruiters here is how best we can share our stories in support of this noble effort.

  1. Forwarding dates of ecclesiastical conferences/gatherings/events at which Army recruiters’ presence could be appropriate. Recruiters can set up a table and offer ‘swag’. Recruiters would also appreciate an opportunity to address the audience.
  2. A surprisingly large number of military chaplains come from the enlisted ranks of the Army, so providing leads or opportunities to address Soldiers at large can also be helpful.
  3. Seminary access is also very helpful where USACCRA members have ties. Sometimes recruiters can provide a meal to a group of seminary students in exchange for an opportunity to address the group.

When we have such information and names it’s best to forward that information to a recruiting station rather than a member attempting to quote specific regulations, ages, and options since these rules may change. Allow the recruiters to provide the latest information and do a follow-up. Below are the station points of contact and their contact information.

 North East CH Recruiting Station, Columbia, MD (443) 535-4761

South East CH Recruiting Station, Morrow, GA (470) 713-3448 3000

North Central CH Recruiting Station, Northbrook, IL (847) 400-1176

South Central CH Recruiting Station, Grand Prairie, TX (817) 394-0028

West CH Recruiting Station, Los Angeles, CA (818) 401-2794

Roman Catholic CH Recruiting Station, Columbia, MD  (443) 535-4761

Visit us at:


When we reach out to future UMT and DRE candidates, here are a few tips to keep in mind from a recent MOAA article seeking to reach ‘Generation Z’.

  1. Emphasize camaraderie. Yes, we have great stories of challenge, but what unites us in the USACCRA is our relationships with each other. When civilians ask me what I miss most about the Army Chaplaincy I quickly respond, “the people”. The bond we forge through crazy, comical, and crisis moments sears and seals our lives together as few other ministries can do.
  2. Highlight the intangibles that a calling to chaplaincy provides. Service as an Army UMT or DRE or DA Civilian develops and refines leaders, further educates, and exposes people to experiences often unavailable to our civilian counterparts. Just look at the leadership pedigrees of our USACCRA members. It’s impressive by any standard.
  3. Keep the focus of why we serve, to “bring God to people and people ot God”. This is a missionary call. It’s an inclusive challenge in every way that will stretch the imagination and the hope of one’s faith journey.


Sharing our stories of service is a critical success for recruitment of the best people for our Soldiers spiritual health. Thank you, dear members, for seeking and sharing your stories.


Pro Deo et patria

Scottie Lloyd

USACCRA President

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