Commanders and Chaplains of the American Revolution Part 3

 3 pm. June 17th. Note the presence of bayonets among the 1,200 British regulars.
Artist’s concept of Colonel Prescott telling his Massachusetts riflemen not to shoot before they could see “the whites of their eyes.”  By Don Troiani
Major General Howe divided his redcoats into two tactical commands. He gave 1,200 infantrymen to Brigadier General Robert Pigot to assault the rebel redoubt. Howe commanded the remaining 1,100 soldiers in an attack on the American left flank. Awaiting them at the redoubt were 1,500 reinforced Massachusetts militia under the command of Colonel Prescott and General Israel Putnam. On the left flank were 500 New Hampshire troops and two cannon commanded by Colonel John Stark13.  The time was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.14

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