Commanders and Chaplains of the American Revolution Part 3

Prescott’s reinforced deployment, supported by Putnam and Ward, is shown below4:

Patriot units at the Battle of Breed’s/Bunker Hill.

The blue lines to the north of the redoubt were just fences. The lines to the south, on the border of Charlestown, were a collection of fences, stone walls, and houses; but the redoubt was a small fort 130-feet on a side with six- foot entrenchments and firing steps for marksmen.
The British forces, regular infantry and marines, are shown in red and orange.

[4] The Massachusetts State regiments in June of 1775 were designated by their commanders’ names, e.g. Prescott’s, Bridge’s, and Paterson’s. Numerical designations were substituted when the regiments were added to the Continental Army.