December President’s Message

Tis the Season

For worship of God in our own ways from God’s love and light shown in the darkness of present times. We are grateful.

For celebration of this holy season filled with joy from God. We are grateful.

For hope of better days because God is with us daily. We are grateful.

For new beginnings of God’s way on earth as God has gifted us. We are grateful.

The USACCRA board is thankful to God and for you who like Aaron and Hur hold up the cause of “God to Soldiers and Soldiers to God”. It’s been a long year filled with change, challenges, opportunities, and success. During this time, we are blessed to be a blessing to others. The journey continues.

Plans are being worked to arrange our Gathering 22-25 Oct 2024 in Columbia, SC by SGM-R Gary Dahl. Volunteers are needed, especially people from South Carolina. Please call Gary.  Everyone, near and far, can be of help.

Look for new material on our website ( Starting January, Corps Historian Emeritus John Brinsfield will lead us through our Chaplain Corps beginnings during the Revolution with a monthly article running through Jan 2025. This is new material with photos and more. Also starting in Jan is a new series of writings from CH(COL)-R Tom Decker, our new website content editor. These offerings will highlight Cold War era chaplaincy and continue until Jan 2025. More material celebrating the history and heritage of the Corps is being arranged.

The proposed new by-laws were approved by you. Along with constitution revision this fulfills the promise to update the Association’s processes. It also empowers us to continue the transformation of the Association “to be all we can be” as the national professional association supporting the total Army Chaplain Family.

Let’s keep this monthly message short. There’s a lot of worship and celebration for hope and new beginnings. See you in 2024. For God and country.

Scottie Lloyd

USACCRA President