One of the services the USACCRA provides is publishing on its website announcements of Army Chaplain Corps personnel who have died with an obituary. The USACCRA does not have a special source for this information except from its members and others who let board members know when someone is deceased. Therefore, when a family member wishes for us to place on our website an announcement, please contact Chaplain John Brinsfield or Chaplain Donna Weddle with the obituary as you want it to read, and we will attempt to accommodate. The USACCRA does not mean to forget anyone or miss information about a member, but we can only print what you give us. Usually, the obits that the funeral homes write are perfect so long as we have their website.

Chaplain John Brinsfield   706-965-5357

Chaplain Donna Weddle   703-395-5335

Thank you for your understanding and help.

Chaplain Scottie Lloyd (president)