The USACCRA meets in person October 22-25 October 2024 for a major starting event for the 250 th Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps, the U.S. Army, and the Nation. Meanwhile attempts are underway to establish new chapters in Columbia, SC, Tennessee, and elsewhere. Karen Diefendorf, 3 rd VP for Chapters, is working with Lane Stockland in Tennessee and with a variety of others in SC. It only takes one dedicated member of the Army Chaplain Corps Family to make a few calls for great things to happen. Our comradery in person is vital for the Chaplain Corps Family.

Loneliness is declared by the nation’s Surgeon General as a “public health epidemic”. Experts are claiming loneliness as a major cause and catalyst for many major physical and mental health issues for young people. Gerontologists echo the same loneliness alarm challenging America’s aging population. Yet, technology continues to connect us with a variety of communication platforms enabling us to be in contact with each other instantly and always. What’s missing?

The missing piece is direct human contact. There is no replacement for people being together face-to-face. Humans are social beings, Literally, we need to be with each other for sanity and good health. Technology empowers informational contact but lacks the human personal dynamic that triggers wellbeing. Let’s keep in contact with each other and meet when possible.

There are two special events for the Army Chaplain Corps Family this summer open to all. First, our current Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (MG) Thomas Solhjem, is transferring responsibility for our Corps to a new Chief. The transfer will be hosted by the Army Chief of Staff at Ft. Mayer, VA, June 20. We will publicize details as we receive them. Secondly, the Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Anniversary Week at the Institute for Religious Leadership (IRL) in Columbia, SC is
scheduled for 25-28 July. A formal ball, organization day, IRL run, change of commandants, and more are included during that week. What a great opportunity for us to gather in person. The Military Chaplains Association (MCA) will be overlapping this schedule for their annual gathering in Columbia, Thursday-Saturday, also.

In-person contact always produces stories that delight and instruct. We are looking for stories to share on the website. These may be whimsical pieces, lessons learned, and serious stories. Put pen to paper and with your permission we can edit it to size and format. Also, if you are an author of a book, we would like to know so we can highlight that on the website. Just email Michael Milton at with titles, summaries, and where we can get a copy.

Thank you for your contacts, contributions, and comradery.

Pro Deo et patria,
Scottie Lloyd
USACCRA President