Stephen Stott

Stephen Stott’s thirty-four plus year career in the active Army started in 1980 where he went to basic training at Fort Dix, NJ. He attended Advanced Individual Training at Fort Monmouth, NJ and became a Chapel Activities Specialist. He had many various assignments with two combat deployments to Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada in 1983 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005. He retired from the US Army in 2014 after serving his final tour as the seventh Chaplain Corps Regimental Sergeant Major. Stephen Stott is enjoying his retirement living with his wife, Soncha Stott. He is currently a board member at large with USACCRA and also serves as the Deputy Director of Administration for the Military Chaplain Association and serves as the South Carolina Chapter Vice President. His passion and hobby are, Star Trek and is a member of STARFLEET, the International Fan Association, Inc., where is serves as the Inspector General and also the Columbia, SC Chapter Vice President.