Gary Dahl

Gary Dahl is a retired US Army Sergeant Major who served 30 years in various Army positions (chaplaincy and Army-wide training) from the company level to Headquarters Department of the Army cumulating his service time as a special advisor to a Chief of Staff of the Army on a Task Force analyzing the Enlisted Personnel Management System.   After retirement from the military he served in HQ, Department of the Army (Army G3 and G6) for 13 years as senior civilian and cumulated his service as a Program Manager in the Army Simulation CommunityHe provided leadership to the one of the largest community association, with over 3,500 residents, on the East Coast as their President for 5 years.    Before being elected in 2022 as the USACCRA Vice President for Reunions he served on the Board of Directors as a Member at Large for 2 years.