The President’s April Musings

Message Alert! Our next Gathering of the USACCRA is set for 22-25 October 2024 in Columbia, South Carolina. Mark your calendars. More information coming as decisions and contracts are completed.

Stories that Sustain Us

The USACCRA membership is a vast internet of information and wisdom that is best conveyed through our stories. We are story tellers with varied experiences across decades of dedicated service to God and country. Every generation of the Chaplain Corps needs to hear, laugh, and learn from each other, past and present serving. This sharing preserves our heritage, enhances our current service, promotes our Corp’s future, and enhances each of our souls. An important way to accomplish this is by posting our stories on the USACCRA website for all to read including the public. Helping us in this effort is regimental member, blog host, author, and CH(COL)-R Michael Milton. Mike has graciously volunteered to be our website article editor. His email address is Stories should be NLT 1500 words. Pictures are welcomed but must be clear, identified, and permission granted for public release. All articles are subject to possible editing. The USACCRA retains final approval for posting a story or not. Here are some ideas and topics to discover the stories:

-Best practices for installation ministry success.
-Lessons learned in our latest wars for ministry on the battlefield.
-Humorous moments meeting a Chief of Chaplains or RSGM of the Corps.
-Unit Ministry Team success stories that enabled great religious support.
-The varying faces of ministry for the Guard Chaplaincy: war, natural disasters, civil disturbances and more.
-Changes and the latest in the Reserve Chaplain Corps.
-How pluralism works to preserve Corps success in the most diverse religious organization in the world, the U.S. Army.

-What is it like being a Religious Affairs Specialist (RAS) in today’s Army?
-What is it like being a Chaplain in today’s Army?
-What is it like being a Unit Ministry Team in today’s Army?
-The role and value add of Directors of Education in the Chaplain Corps.
-A Department of the Army Civilian’s perspective of the Chaplain Corps.
-“There I was, Bible (Koran, Talmud, etc) in one hand and a compass in the other…” (You can take the story from there.)

And we need your pictures. What did/does the face of the religious support mission look like in any given unit, era of time, and conflict? Color and B&W, it makes no difference as long as it’s clear, labeled, and we have permission to publicly post it for all to see. These pictures may be standalone submissions without supporting a separate article.

Thank you for your contributions I know you will share. Again, circle the date, October 22-25, 2024, and the place, Columbia, SC, for our next USACCRA gathering. The exciting journey to the 250 th anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps begins with the first step of fencing off our calendars for this time together.

Blessings always,

Scottie Lloyd
USACCRA President