Ministry Support request in VA

Chaplain Sought for a Retirement Home Ministry

The USACCRA received recently a request for help to fill a pulpit on Easter Sunday, April 9, at a retirement home in McLean, VA, with many military veterans present. If you are interested and can help please call 757-208-7012 soonest.

Vinson Hall Retirement Community (VHRC) is looking to increase a list of chaplains to give the Sunday service nondenominational Protestant homily. The majority of residents are military officers retirees, federal retired employees and their spouses.  The chapel attendance is residents and some guests, all numbering 10-25 in attendance. Time of service is at 11 a.m.-one hour service maximum. Bulletins provided.  Music is provided by a professional Organist who chooses hymns in consultation with the chaplain.

Please check for a complete description of this community.

Susan Fenton, Protestant Coordinator, can be reached at 757-208-7012 and A Catholic ministry is also present at the chapel.