Faith, Love, and Dedication

Faith, love, and dedication is what keeps the chaplaincy going. Despite challenges of every kind and in every era of the Corps’ history, God finds a way of using us in support of Soldiers and their families. Thanks to all for your continued
service for God and country.

Faith is celebrated by many during March and April: Ramadan, Passover, Lent/Holy Week/Easter to name a few. We keep faith with God and each other as we forge ahead with supporting the traditional Chaplain Corps saying, “Bringing God to people and people to God”. Being a part of the USACCRA supports this mission regardless if we are in active Corps service or are retired and have found new ways to serve God and neighbor. May I offer some updates and dedicated ways we do that through USACCRA membership.

A) Since initiating the new system of death notices we have had 14 notices during Jan-Feb. John Brinsfield and Donna Weddle, have been very busy fielding obituaries for posting on our website (with member Chuck Heard working the website). Anyone reporting a death of a chaplain, Religious Affairs specialist, Director of Education, or spouse thereof, (Active, Reserve, National Guard) are eligible to have their obituary posted for a minimum of a week. Please contact John Brinsfield ( or Donna Weddle ( with your inquiries.

B) What publications have you produced? Our members have written books, articles, and more. Appreciate your sending us info on what you have published and where members could acquire a copy. You may send that to me, Scottie Lloyd (

C) And speaking of articles, how about sharing an article on a great remembrance or comment on a chaplaincy issue? Let’s start with the topic of how God led you to find your new phase of service after departing active service in the Army. Send those to me as well.

D) Given the load of articles you will send, we are looking for a content editor for the website to handle articles, stories, photos, announcements, and more. You don’t have to understand computers. We turn to Chuck Heard for his expertise, but you do need to be able to write and edit. Again, I am the POC for this opportunity.

E) Calendar Scrub: The Chief of Chaplains will shift responsibilities with a new Chief of Chaplains on 20 June at Ft. Meyer in DC with the Chief of Staff of the Army hosting. Also, this year’s Chaplain’s Anniversary Week will again be staged at the Institute of Religious Leadership (IRL-school house), Columbia, SC, 20-23 July. Details for both important events will be posted when OCCH releases them to us.

F) A new USACCRA coin is being minted for awarding along with a certificate for our IRL Honor Grad students. The first presentations took place in February and will continue. Thanks goes to member SGM-R Steve Stott for making this happen.

G) Financial donations are always welcomed to boost the ability to serve. This means dues as well as additional gifts (tax right off). 1 st VP Gary Dahl is eagerly working on the next USACCRA gathering. He is pushing hard to keep costs down despite industry increases. Any help from more secure members helps those members who are not so well off.

H) The USACCRA Board is on track for finalizing the location and date for our 2024 biennial gathering by the end of March. We will release this info to members and post on our website for all to note.

I) When you do get this notice of the 2024 gathering appreciate every member contacting their endorser with both the information and to encourage their Army personnel to join the USACCRA. This is a critical witness that only you can do and makes a huge difference.

Love unites these activities and us together through our faith and dedication to God and each other. Thank you for your comradery and steadfast faith, love, and dedication in serving God and country.

Blessings always,
Scottie Lloyd
USACCRA President