USACCRA Three-Year Strategic Plan

Lost, Alice asked the Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) how she could get somewhere. The Cat asked where she wanted to go. Alice replied, “I don’t know.” Whereupon the wily smiling Cat purred, “If you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter how you get there.” The Cheshire Cat’s wisdom is critical to the success of any venture. The USACCRA has an end state of fulfilling its historical vision of becoming a professional development organization in support of the Chaplain Corps. Starting with the preservation of the Army Chaplain Corps history and heritage, the Association pursues a variety of efforts. The goal is to link all facets of the Corps (Active, Reserve, Guard, Veteran, officer, enlisted, DRE, civilian, spouse) for both professional development and social comradery. What does that look like? Check out the other Army branch equivalents in the Infantry, Field Artillery, and AG world. These organizations greatly enhance their branches to accomplish so much more. How do we get there? Here is a three-year way ahead.

YEAR ONE (2022) COVID Recovery
 Execute Tucson gathering.
 Update the Constitution
 Establish a new relationship with the OCCH.
 Reconstruct the USACCRA website.
 Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the Military Chaplain’s Association (MCA)
 Re-engage the membership.
 Expand Association benefits.
All of these ‘lines of operation’ have been engaged and continue.

YEAR TWO (2023) Growth and Development

 Begin early arrangements for the 2024 gathering.
 Update the By-laws.
 Transition to a new CCH and deepen the OCCH relationships.
 Finish website reconstruction (ongoing effort).
 Conduct major recruitment of new membership.
 Work with the Chaplain For Life Campaign.
 Further develop 2022 goals.
 Establish new resources in support of major efforts.
 Organize a new chapter.

YEAR Three (2024) Expanding Horizons
 Execute the largest most diverse gathering of the Association as a kickoff event to the 250 th Anniversary of the Chaplain Corps, Army, and Nation.
 Continue growth in membership, resources, benefits, and relationships.
 Be a helpful presence at all major Chaplain Corps events.
 Conduct Board leadership transition.
 Organize another new chapter.

Let us rely first and foremost on God’s grace, guidance, and generosity working through the entire Chaplain Corps to achieve this end state for God and country.

Currently, the Association has established a veteran death notice system (benefit). Chaplain John Brinsfield and Chaplain Donna Weddle have volunteered to be the Point of Contacts. If you hear of a death (Chaplain, RAS, Spouse, DRE, Chaplain Corps Civilian) contact John Brinsfield with Donna Weddle as backup if John is absent. Do not reach out to anyone else. This is to simplify things. The OCCH will be notified. A running memorialization list will be kept in support of our next gathering.

John Brinsfield 706-965-5357
Donna Weddle 703-395-5335

Our presence is growing. CH Dennis Madtes represented us at the NCMAF.
Nurturing critical contacts. Several Board members attended the RSGM’S Enlisted Ball in Columbia, S.C. In January. Several more Board members are scheduled to present top class awards at officer and enlisted Institute of Religious Leadership (IRL) graduations starting mid-February. SGM-R Chris Patterson and CH Karen Diefendorf will be in Germany in February as “Grey Beards” and reps from the Association. Many of us are set to attend the transition of the Chief of Chaplain responsibility ceremony in D.C., June 20-23. This includes attendance at the Chaplain’s Anniversary Week in Columbia, S.C. the last week of July. Some from the Board will be on hand for portions of the MCA gathering the end of July, first part of August. The calendar continues to populate with events and attendance. Articles for the website are being solicited. CH John Brinsfield, former Corps Historian and author of numerous articles and at least 10 books, is preparing a new series of “Chaplains During the Revolution” to begin in October 2023 leading up to our 2024 gathering. Please consider writing an article of your own for possible posting. We look for a 1000-2500 word document (single spaced) on the history, heritage or honoring of the Chaplain Corps. Please send articles to me, Scottie Lloyd, digitally at The latest brochure will be updated again for immediate release. Our signage used at table displays is being replaced with updated messages. We are on the march. Pray for each other as we continue to unite in strength for support to the Corps.

Pro Deo et Patria,

Scottie Lloyd (USACCRA President)