New USACCRA/MCA Membership Combo

A new year calls for innovative ideas and new initiatives. It is a time of new commitments and resolutions. This new year, 2023, is an ideal time to resolve to further participate in the profession of religious support in the United States Army by joining the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association (USACCRA); the Chaplain Corps’ professional association.

Professional associations are common in our Army. The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is the professional association for all those who serve in the Army. It serves the best interests of the Army through advocacy and education, as well as through fraternal fellowship amongst Army professionals. Professions have subspecialties though which is why other professional associations exist such as the Field Artillery Association, the Infantry Association, and on behalf of the Chaplain Corps, the Chaplain Corps Regimental Association. Professionals join these associations to develop in their vocation, to advocate for their interests, to professionally network and mentor, and to fellowship with others involved in those efforts. The USACCRA is the association for the professionally engaged members, past and present, of the Army Chaplain Corps.

As noted above, new years lead to new initiatives and 2023 brings an initiative that ensures professional membership is more affordable than ever before. The Military Chaplains Association (MCA) is a partner association devoted to the interests of religious support professionals across all of our Armed Forces. Due to a new partnership between MCA and USACCRA, USACCRA members can now receive a complimentary first year of membership in MCA upon application. Reciprocally, MCA members wishing to join USACCRA will also receive a complimentary first year of membership in USACCRA. Furthermore, any USACCRA member wishing to become a life member of MCA can do so at the USACCRA life membership rate which is a savings of approximately $100. There has never been a more affordable time to join these professional religious support organizations. Doing so will provide multiple opportunities for growth as a professional, as well as the ability for you to be value-added to the professional development of others in the profession.

USACCRA membership is open to all past and present members of the Chaplain Corps. This includes enlisted and commission ranks, all components of our Chaplain Corps, and all Department of the Army Civilians serving the Chaplain Corps. We are a large and diverse professional community, but we have a unique ecclesiastical and Constitutional vocation in our Army. Let us rally together in 2023 to further our profession and our impact as a Chaplain Corps. As it is often said, leaders build other leaders. USACCRA is your professional association where religious support leaders are built. Please resolve to take advantage of these membership initiatives and join USACCRA’s ranks in 2023. We hope to see you in the Association!


Pete Sniffin

2VP for Membership