Light, Hope, and Service

A year ago, December 6, my mother died. She loved Christmas and especially enjoyed buying, wrapping, and giving presents. After Jesus her icon of the season was Saint Nicolas (ironically celebrated 6 Dec and from which the legend of Santa Clause comes from). Her life was giving to others.

This outreach of helping others is celebrated by many faiths in December: Judaism’s Hanukkah, Zoroastrism’s Zarathosht Diso, Buddhist’s Bodi Day, Wiccan/Neo Pagan’s Winter Solstice, and numerous different Christian celebrations surrounding the Christmas Story. Some years in December we even share in the Muslim’s Ramadan. Light, hope, and giving (helping) are the common threads.

As chaplains, active and veteran, we facilitate and celebrate with folks during these days. We try to model the season by being a presence of hope and giving of ourselves in support of others. On behalf of the USAACRA, thank you for your presence of the Devine, your ministry, and your giving to others. A special thanks for your loyalty of support to the Association. Your participation in the USACCRA is a continuation of light, hope, and giving to soldiers and their families.

So regardless of what religious faith group you represent, keep serving and enjoy the reason for the season of your hope and faith. The Association salutes you and thanks you.


Pro Deo et patria

Scottie Lloyd

USACCRA President