Presidents’ News for April 8, 2022

  April is a sacred month this year with Ramadan (Islam), Passover (Judaism), Ridvan (Baha’i), Vaisakhi (Sikh), Ram Navani and Vaisakha Sankranti (Hindu), and Hoy Week and Easter (Christianity). What links these special moments together is hope. God insures hope for humanity. Despite wars, climatic changes, diseases, and more, God refuses to give up on his creation. Do you feel the love?

  As an association when we gather in person (as we will do Oct 25-28 in Tucson, AZ) I feel a reflection of that love in the presence of my friends across the years. COVID copped our last opportunity to meet but hope springs eternal with God. We come together to share stories, gain knowledge, see sights, encourage colleagues, and just have fun. Running with the theme of “Continuing in Service”, active and retired find a common ground where the Corps’ past and present meld into a stronger future for the Chaplain Corps. This event every two years is an important way for us to support God’s mission for Army folks. Registration is on this website. Every possible member present is the goal. See you in Tucson.

  Our website is constantly changing to provide better information. We are updating material, shifting the template, adding data, and archiving old articles to produce a faster, cleaner, easier source of membership and corps happenings. Please let us know how we can keep improving.
More to follow so keep checking this website. And don’t be surprised if we give you a call. We want to know how you’re doing, seek your input, and hope for your active participation as we reflect God’s love through hope in support of the Army Chaplain Corps.