Washington DC-area Chaplain Corps

Friday, 25 January 2019 was the “kick-off” meeting of the Washington DC-area Chaplain Corps network of chaplains, chaplain assistants (RAS), DREs, DA Civilians and spouses.  Central to our start was gathering in prayer, led by David Hicks.  Our agenda was to enjoy the friendship and connections together.  There is a definite “afterglow” from the November 2018 USACCRA 9th Biennial Chaplain Corps Family Reunion.  Many words of thanks were expressed for the National leadership and the satisfaction of teamwork to celebrate chaplain ministries and communities.

Pictured are:  (seated) Connie and Wayne Ice with Wayne, Jr., Carolyn and BenChuck Manning, Bill Jokela and Randell Bowen, (standing) Paula and Eric Wester, David and Janice HIcks, Gary Dahl, Ben and Betty Nass, Renee Kilsh, Wayne Lehrer, Phyllis and Jack Marcom and Susan Dahl.  We got regrets from Jeff and Monika Young, Otto Reinbacher, Bruce Burslie, Jane Heaton, Bob Chance, Dennis Madtes and Doug Lee (with late-breaking cancellations). Of course, Donna Weddle is on her “western decampment” based in the Phoenix area for the winter and fostering gatherings there.  Our Washington DC gathering was a time of celebration and gratitude.

Looking ahead, the group determined to set the next meeting for Tuesday, 30 April at the Patton Club, Fort Myer, Virginia, gathering at 11:45 am for a 11:55 am kick-off.  Also, looking toward the future, by acclamation the group determined that Chaplain Wayne Lehrer would join SGM Susan Dahl and Chaplain Donna Weddle as the DC-area planning team.  This was prompted by Chaplain Eric and Paula Wester who bade farewell as Eric retires from active ministry as an ecclesiastical endorser.  In February, they move to Jacksonville, Florida.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, 30 April, 1145 am at the Patton Club.  Hope to see you there!