The membership has spoken with surveys recently sent to every member. Only 72 people responded, but they demographically represent the core of our membership. Only two non-members responded for the survey.

At the November 2018 reunion in D.C. two surveys were released. The first survey was from 1st. VP Kim Casey and dealt with the reunion exclusively. The second survey from 2nd VP Scottie Lloyd dealt with both reunion issues and membership in general. These are the results from the second broader issue survey.

The BLUF was clear and the USACCRA Board has been briefed on your thoughts.

  1. The reunion is our bread and butter activity, but many are wavering and wondering if isn’t time to perhaps expand our purpose or do business with reunions differently to be relevant for younger generations.
  2. The last two reunions are considered superlative successes. There are suggestions for improvement, but the basic outline, especially worked with a local chapter, is the correct pattern.
  3. Dues are fair. Lifetime memberships are a great deal.
  4. Members “crave” more information particularly about the Chaplain Corps now and into the future. Historical presentations are great but considered entertainment. There is a significant feeling of loss and detachment from the Corps the longer a person is retired. Membership appears to want us to help fill some of that gap with information.
  5. Which leads to another repeated issue. People expect the Chief of Chaplains and the SGM of the Corps to attend and provide a good brief on challenges, successes, and issues now and into the future of the Army Chaplaincy. The DCH was mentioned only once as a replacement. It’s got to be the Chief. No replacements. This was adamant by the surveys.
  6. Having said this, the DACH Staff and USACHS Staff are often recommended as follow on speakers. The topics can vary, but people like this pool of speakers. Also mentioned are Army commanders and General Officers.
  7. What does our membership want by these surveys? In order of desire: fellowship (reunion, well crafted website), Information (Better speakers and expanded website), and Connection capabilities (Rosters and expanded website). A special comment is drop the reference go rank. Call folks by first name, but leave off the colonel or SGM stuff.
  8. Include more of the Reserve, National Guard, and Chaplain Candidates. Also, see if a better connection can be crafted with those who are still in active service.
  9. When and where should we conduct the reunion? Fall and spring are the favorites with many saying why not alternate them. Locations vary greatly, but all places warmer is best and centrally located is better especially near a major airline hub.
  • We had nine people volunteer for help on the board and two said they are trying to make things happen with a new local chapter in their area.

The USACCRA Board is working on these results and the results from the reunion survey. More to follow, but we thank all who took the time to do this survey. We value your feedback.

1st VP Scottie Lloyd