The Arizona Chapter


“The Arizona Chapter has held two lunches this winter, in Tucson on February 6th at The Parish Restaurant, and at Ft. Huachuca on March 8th at the Thunder Mountain Activity Center.  The next event will be at Mimi’s Café in Scottsdale, on March 28th.  We will plan one more luncheon this winter in Tucson, during early April.   If you have moved to Arizona, or are “snow-birding” there, please contact Donna Weddle at to get yourself added to the roster for information on future events.”

First Picture at Ft. Huachuca:  Donna Weddle, Tom and Susan Day, Fred Robinson, Terry Cotton, and Pat Dickson

Second Picture in Tucson:  Bob Bendick, Donna Weddle, Roy Ludlow,  Ken Kohlenbrander, Tom Day, Paul Weddle, and Steve Utter