Arizona Chapter More New Photos Below

(Tucson): Sandy & Bob Flaherty, Steve Utter, Terry Cotton, Ken and Ann Kolenbrander, Rose and Dave Lundell, Donna Weddle, Tom Day

(Scottsdale)- Dan Butler, John Schumacher, Ken Bucey, Sue Delossa, Sandy Flaherty, Bob Flaherty, Al Delossa, Donna Weddle, Martha Schumacher

(Tucson): Bob Flaherty, Donna Weddle, Eugene Friesen, Ken Kohlenbrander, Ann Kolenbrander, Terry Cotton, Sandy Flaherty

(Sierra Vista)-Skip LaMertha, Donna Weddle, Tom Day, Ken and Ann Kolenbrander, Dawn LaMertha, Pat Dickson

The Arizona Chapter has held four lunches this winter, two in Tucson, one in Scottsdale, and one in Sierra Vista.  Thanks so much for all who attended and helped set these lunches up.  We’ve had several new participants this year and are happy that so many are able to get together with old and new Chaplaincy Friends.

If you’d like to join us,  or have started a new group of your own anywhere in the country, please send pictures and information to Donna Weddle  I’d be glad to help in any way I can.

Donna Weddle

3rd Vice President for Local Chapters