William Wiggins

William Wiggins
20202 Rileysburg Road
Danville, Illinois 61834
United States
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(217) 446-6253
Ministry Report
I am interested in working with the chaplaincy corps. I am a retired SFC chaplaincy assistant. Presently, I am the senior pastor of the Danville, Il. Cedar Grove Church of the Nazarene. I have been in active pastorate since August, 1980. I am 77 years old and desiring to serve in some function in the chaplaincy corps. With the build up of our combat forces with the possible confrontation with North Korea, I suspect that the strength of our chaplaincy corps could be stretched to lean numbers. If it is possible to use my extensive experience derived from both 28 years of US Army service and over 30 years in the active pastorate, please contact me.