Message from President USACCRA

Greetings to all,

November is right around the corner.  I always liked November when I was on active duty.  Between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving that made for a couple of extra days off.  The days off was secondary to the days themselves.

November 11 is a day when we can remember those many men and women of our Army who have served our nation so very well.  There certainly is a long line of those faithful soldiers who served.  Some gave their all.  It is fitting our nation remember our veterans.  We in our Corps remember them, too.  Those who are veterans served and worked alongside soldiers and civilians on the battlefields, at the training sites, in the garrisons.  Those currently serving are doing the same.  Our Corps is there to provide the spiritual guidance and service our soldiers and families deserve and want.  Thank you to those who served, and to those serving.  Since I retired I am finding more and more places recognize the service of veterans.  In Chattanooga, one can eat all day on Veteran’s Day, and never have to get your billfold out — coffee, donuts, entrees, desserts, are generously available from appreciative businesses.  “Thank you for your service will,” be heard many times on the 11th.

On the 23rd our nation will observe Thanksgiving Day, a day set aside to thank Almighty God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon our nation, and its people.  Living in the United States of America certainly is a blessing.  Has it ever struck you we face challenges with immigration, and not with emigration.  That says something about our country.  Yes, it has its blemishes, but it still is a great land in which to hold citizenship.  Enjoy Thanksgiving Day, and add your personal reasons to say “Thank you,” on that day.  On a personal note, my wife and I will say our special prayers of thanks for her successful emergency triple by-pass surgery on 10 October.  God is good.

Make a note in your 2018 calendars, we will meet in the Washington DC area in November of 2018 for our USACCRA reunion.  Watch for details.

Blessings to all,

Gilbert H. Pingel