Dr. Gene Snelling

Dr. Gene Snelling
284 Northgate Trace
Roswell, Georgia 30075
United States
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(239) 246-3730
Ministry Report
During my 20 years in the Army(serving with the Chaplain Branch), I received my Master’s Degree from Boston University, and after being selected for Command Sergeant Major, I received a direct commission as an Ist Lt in the Medical Service Corps, thereby joining a little known but important status of dual Component. I continued to work with the Chaplains as a Sergeant Major;however, the Army continued to render an enlisted efficiency report, as well as an officer efficiency, report each and I had to keep up with my officer education requirements as well as my NCO requirements which I did by completing the Sergeants Major Academy and the Advanced Officer Course. While on active duty, I completed all my academic work for my Ph.D. After retiring from the Army in 1983, I received my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and founded and became President of Royal Palm Ministries, Inc. in Florida. Through this ministry, we had a Biblical Counseling Center which we continued for the next 20 years until I retired from that after reaching 65. As an ordained minister(however not a chaplain) but as a Sergeant Major, I had many opportunities to minister with many great chaplains; doing the administrative work, but also singing, leading chapel choirs and counseling as well as preaching. I was able to work WITH the Chaplains as we both, with our individual gifts, talents, and positions, worked FOR God. It was a wonderful 20 years. Many of you guys have gone on to be with the Lord(I am now 80), but I would love to hear from those who are still living who may read this post. I have kept up with several of you but would love to hear from others. God bless you, continue to “go with God”!