Arizona Chapter



“The Arizona Chapter has had two great lunch meetings this winter and is looking forward to a third on April 7th, at Ft. Huachuca.  The first lunch was held at the Thunder Canyon Brewery, in downtown Tucson, on February 9th.  Attendees included Donna Weddle, Steve Utter, Roy Ludlow, Eugene Friesen, John Stieve and daughter Sarah, Dave Lundell, Ken and Ann Kolenbrander, Tom Day, and Bob Bendick.  The picture is again hampered by all of our bright Arizona sunshine. 


The second lunch, organized for the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale crowd, was held at Mimi’s Café in Scottsdale on March 1st, with the Al and Sue DeLossa, Marion and Carol Pember with daughter Kim, John and Martha  Schumacher, Bob and Sandy  Flaherty, and Ken Bucy present.  Thanks so much to Al DeLossa for organizing this lunch. 


Our next lunch will be on April 7th at Ft. Huachuca.  Thanks so much to Fred Robinson, Ken Kolenbrander, and Tom Day for leading this event.  Please contact Donna Weddle at for more information.”


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