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Ivan Chubb
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Ministry Report
Put some ads in trade papers. “I will find you a church of your choice” ” I can perford Weddings, Memorials, Funerals and I will bless your house.”Since I left the VA as Chaplain and went to several county nursing homes seeking the Vets and those others that are in need of God’s word.Some of the Nursing home Vets are not getting much visitations. I urge you all to take the time to bring sunshine in their faces.i bought some flags on a stick from American Flag. they were .20 a flag. those are great to give to the residents.those of us that belong to military Chaplains assoc are also ministers.i am right at 80 years old.It is heart warming for me to know that i am peaceful knowing that God is with me in my travels and here at home.i suggest that you look into you funeral details while you are young enough to set them to your ways.get with your veteran service officer. local honor guards, minister or chaplain, military burial cemetary, now the paperwork can be done ahead . put a good copy of your dd214 handy for your family.most of veterans family have not been in the military, so if you have it ready, it can be smooth for them.God told Moses that it was about his time.Moses had worked closely with God. and look at us, some times doctors can tell us when are going to die. the people that have accidents and just die with no warning often are not many will say, just because i dont go to church dont beleive that i am not a christian.norman rockwell was a great artist, painer, for the news gazzette. norman had illustrated the entrance to a great cathederal, he had babies, crosses all drew on the wall, cars going down the street, and people with thier heads fixed to the concrete. the church marque had written “lift up thine eyes” the earth is here for all to see and many things that we have missed really looking at.i beleive in heaven and hell. i pleasure going to heaven. i fear being with the devil, lucifer. i have lifted up my eyes and i ask you to join so many of us that have