David Sobel

21134 Carmel Hills
San Antonio, TX 78259
United States
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Ministry Report
The older I get the more my focus has become seeing that my ten grand children all come to know the Lord first of all. Then I want them to know what they believe but why they believe it. In my walk with the Lord all these years I have been blessed with great teachers of theology. So when I was talking to my grand daughters about vacation Bible School and what they were learning, I sat them down and I played twenty questions with them. I asked them about Grace, Salvation, Justification and Baptism. They had been going to a good church ( I thought ). After a week of VBS three of my grand daughters failed to answer from scripture any question I had about the Christian Faith. When I asked why they thought they were Christians the response from the eldest floored me ” mommy said I was “. I took her aside and told her that was the worse response that I had ever had in my 45 years. I told them that I would be right back and I drove right to the church and wanted to see the Pastor ASAP. I told him what had just happened and that my grand daughters were scheduled to be baptized the following week. I asked him HOW do you baptize an unbeliever as that is not what we practice as part of our faith. Well he said he would pray about it and I walked out. This is a church of 5000. Well I did not attend as I had a line in the sand. A few months later the Pastor gives an invitation and my three grand daughters go forward to become Christians. I told them I was proud of them and I will Baptize them at the pool myself. This is why the Church is where it is!!!