San Bernardino

By: The Rev. Eric Wester
Assistant to the Presiding Bishop and Director, Federal Chaplaincies

San Bernardino – Some of you may know one of the community pastors in San Bernardino is recently retired Army Chaplain (Colonel) Scottie Lloyd. Scottie and Karen moved from Washington DC to accept a Call as Pastor at Lutheran Church of Our Savior, San Bernardino, California. In the midst of the horror and pain of the mass killings in San Bernardino this Wednesday, it is not surprising that former chaplain Scottie is at the forefront (lead quote in the article) of getting clergy together to pray, console, support and stand in solidarity for peace, justice, hope and healing.…/

“This situation will require more balance and thought, as opposed to the raw feelings people are feeling now,” said Lutheran Church of Our Savior Pastor Scottie Lloyd. “This is about meeting the needs of the community, as to what they’re going through.”

Another colleague, Chaplain Mike Lembke, now at US Southern Command, Miami, expressed it beautifully in a note to me, “For many faithful this is a season of Light (Advent and Chanukah) and this article is a testimony to the power of light to overcome darkness. “ As you light candles for Advent, for Sunday worship, or for quiet meditation, prayer or a meal during this season with sunset coming quite early, take comfort in Mike’s reminder and pray for Scottie’s ministry.