James Fair

James Fair writes: I am currently in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am a disabled Vet, still fighting the VA, and participate in Facebook group: VA Is Lying. I also help in DAV. Always in that aura of being the former 71 Mike Chaplain’s Assistant in helping Vets of all branches from Vietnam to now. I still miss being active duty, and being in Mainz, Germany (my favorite place of being a UMT with Chaplain Kenneth L. Kerr). I am married to a lady from Honduras, where I may live at in a few years. Loved seeing some names that I remembered why on active duty. I am a AOH in the Catholic Church and still read books and manuals I had while active duty.

Address is: 5714 E. 71st Place, Apt # 204
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136
Email and Phone: , (918) 565-4330