Message from the President USACCRA

Dear Chaplain Family,
Last month the Board of Directors met in San Antonio to continue our planning for our reunion in 2016. We had a wonderful meeting, supported by the chaplains 4-11-2015 10-58-18 AMand chaplain assistants at Fort Sam Houston. We toured several of the hotels and selected one of the historic hotels that is located on the River Walk and very close to the Alamo. It is a fine facility and we are pleased with our decision. We also visited some of the eateries near the hotel, some great food. Kim Casey had already scoped out many of the things in the city and so that was a painless process. We also planned for the program and we have left much time for us to renew friendships and bring one another up to date with what is going on in our lives. We know that is a very important part of our getting together every other year.
We also looked at some of the lists of members and we are working hard to get an accurate list. We discussed our need for a new membership list so we can assist you in recruiting new members for the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association. The Board is pleased that you are joining local chapter and Tom Smith reported on the chapters in existence and chapters that are starting up. We encourage all of you to recruit new members. When you send out your holiday greeting this year, please add a plug for people to join.
We also had the privilege of sending Hal Roller off to his wedding. Some of us were able to attend the ceremony. Hal we are happy for you and your new bride. We pray for your happiness as you go into the future.
Very Sincerely,

Herman Keizer, Jr.