Shepherd and Elder Care to Caregiver (C2C) Program

In October we made our second presentation about the Shepherd and Elder Care to Caregiver (C2C) Program to the Advanced Course C4 14-002 Class. We have more Chaplains who want to link with Shepherds and that linking will take place in the next few weeks. The program will always be voluntary, with no coercion. Understandably, inviting them to engage in a relationship with a person they don’t know is somewhat intimidating and they are reluctant to stand up and say they want to link with a Shepherd. We will be linking 8 more chaplains this time. We hope that you, who are serving as Shepherds with Chaplains today, will sustain and engage with the mentees so their experience with you will be the testimony that will encourage other serving Chaplains to join in the C2C Program. Thank you to our Shepherds who have linked with Chaplains. I know the mentoring you do with them will encourage them and be helpful to them.