USACCRA Reunion by Chaplain (COL) Herman Keizer, Jr.

Chaplain (COL) Herman Keizer, Jr.
6875 Dale Hollow Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49316-7815

Dear Chaplain Family,

Another USACCRA Reunion has come and gone. It seemed to go too fast for many of us. We all had so many friends to meet, greet and get up to date on things in our lives. It still amazes me how quickly we can do that with our friends and acquaintances. We pick up as if we had seen each other yesterday, but we know that much has happened to each other and that we have all become older. I am also thankful that we can rejoice in God’s blessings even when experienced through pain and illness in addition to joys and blessings.

I am very thankful for the effort of the committee for all their work in planning and running the reunion. Al, Tom, Hal, Larry and Ken all deserve special thanks for all the work they did to make the conference a success. A BIG THANK YOU for all your work.

We tried to keep business to a few sessions, centered on two evening meals. This gave us the time to get out information we felt important and gave the attendees a maximum time for meeting together and visiting the city. Retired General Pete Chiarelli gave the Keynote Speech and we also heard from out Chief of Chaplains. G.T. and I talked about the C2C program. We also had a short business meeting. The Memorial Service celebrated and remembered the ministry of so many of our family. The list was long this year with names of many we all knew and valued.
Our hotel was not as close to the major city places to see and the hotel bus was not adequate for the needs of the attendees, While that was a hardship, it did not prevent our having fun.
We are working on plans for our 2016 Reunion and will get the dates and place information to you so you can put it on your calendars. We hope that you will all plan to come to our next reunion. It is a great opportunity to meet and greet members of the chaplain family.

The Board asks you all to find members of the family who are not members and encourage them to join. We are a better organization than we were a few years ago and we hope to continue to improve as we go forward. We would like to include more of the chaplain family in our organization and we do need your help to grow our membership.

I hope you all had a wonderful Veterans’ Day. Thanks for your service.

Herman Keizer Jr.
Herman Keizer, Jr.