Chaplain Assistant BBQ Hosted by SGM (Retired) Tom Prost and wife Mary

This past September, I was happy to attend the United States Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association Reunion in Atlanta. De and I had a great time fellowshipping with both active and retired chaplains, chaplain assistants, DRE’s, and family members!
One of the many highlights of the reunion was the Chaplain Assistant BBQ that SGM (Retired) Tom Prost and his lovely wife, Mary, hosted at their home in the Atlanta area! It was such a joy to fellowship with the many great chaplain assistants and their spouses that I grew up in the Army with, who were my mentors, leaders, and associates!

It was great feeling young, looking through the many pictures of chaplain assistants through the past years that Larry Toelstede and Tom Prost brought to share with everyone! Those present represented over 40 years of religious support to the US Army!

The food was great and the stories and memories were enlightening! Everyone sang songs, led by Frank Gugudan and Jean McCalvey, playing their ukuleles! It was a day that I wished would not have ended. However, it was a day that I will not forget! I cannot wait until the next reunion that will be held in San Antonio, TX in October 2016!!! Again, many thanks to Tom and Mary Prost for hosting such a GREAT event in your beautiful home!!!

Steve Wilson
Honorary Chaplain Corps Regimental Sergeant Major


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1.  JoAnn Toelstede; 2.  Vicki Steppy; 3.  Dave & Vicki Steppy’s Granddaughter CJ; 4.  Steve Croft; 5.  Dave Zimmer; 6.  Susan Dahl; 7.  Gary Dahl; 8.  Bonnie Crawford; 9.  De Wilson; 10.  Mike Kutcher; 11. Becky Roger; 12. Lloyd *Becky’s finance; 13.  Bill Daniels; 14.  Helga Daniels; 15.  Ken McCalvey; 16.  Frank Gugudan; 17.  Larry Toelstede; 18.  Nancy Bowren; 19.  Ron Bowren; 20.  Dave Steppy; 21.  Lucky Simpson; 22.  Fran Simpson; 23.  Belinda Rectenwald; 24.  Charles Rectenwald; 25.  Annetta Redman; 26.  Tom Prost; 27.  Tomas Garcia; 28.  Mary Prost; 29.  Jim Schonefeld; 30.  Dot Schonefeld; 31.  Jim Nesmith; 32. Ken Todd (wife Geneva was there, but somehow missed the photo); 33.  Vicki Nesmith; 34.  Steve Wilson; Also, Abdul-Ali Shakur came after the photo (our 1st Muslim CA); Also,  Jean McCalbey was taking the picture.