Vietnam War Commemoration – 2014



It is difficult to think that we are commemorating 50 years since the Vietnam War began for American Troops. The final major commemorative event was conducted, today, 26 May 2014. The majority of us who are members of the United States Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association served during the Vietnam War. That begs the question; how do we generate membership from the Desert Shield/Desert Storm Iraq and Afghanistan Army Chaplaincy generation (Another subject).

We want to celebrate the service and sacrifice of all our Vietnam Era Chaplaincy Family at our 2014 Chaplaincy Family Reunion. I invite all of you who served during Vietnam War to join us in Atlanta, 17-20 September 2014. You can access Reunion Information and Registration forms from this letter or from the USACCRA Website, For more information on the Vietnam War Commemoration, you can go to: gt gunhus


Invitation from Chief of Chaplains

Office of the Chief of Chaplains invites former members of the US Army Chaplain Corps who served in Vietnam to share their stories, as we celebrate their service and honor them in this year’s Chaplain Corps Anniversary focus this July. We request that they send a “then” and “now” photo with a brief summary of their service, and what they are doing now.

We welcome their testimony on how there service shaped their life, and how they may have connected with other organizations after their service to put their experiences into perspective.

Send photos and testimonials to: Ms. Megan Daley at email:

Submission of both photos and testimonials will be viewed as consent to share at our anniversary event in Washington DC and also via our social media channels for the Office of the Chief of Chaplains.