Prayer Request for Don and Marj Addickes

We received the following Prayer Request:

Prayer Request for Don and Marj Addickes

Dear Friends,

My New Year did not start off as I had planned.  On January 2nd I had an episode at home that eventually led to a diagnosis  of an aortic dissection. Initially the cardiology team in San Antonio had trouble diagnosing the problem.  My son, Mark and his family came to visit that weekend and Mark was convinced that my episode was indicative of a heart problem.  He consulted with his colleagues in Houston and determined that my aorta was tearing and that the condition required immediate attention.  Mark drove me to Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Institute in Houston where Dr. Anthony Estrera performed the the surgery by placing a Dacron graft on my aorta.  All of the family was present for prayer and support,  Mark and our beloved family saved my life. On Monday, January 6th, I awoke in the recovery room to a second birthday – Epiphany Day.  This is more than a coincidence. Marj has been by my side every step of the way to love, support and encourage me as I recover from this surgery. She’s the best!  Ten days after my surgery and recovery I returned to San Antonio and spent three weeks in a rehabilitation hospital. During my time in rehabilitation I had minor stroke. The stroke did not leave me with any long term effects. I returned home on February 12th and am continuing to recover. My recovery is slow and steady. I am taking care of my personal needs and am walking with a walker. I will begin in home cardiac rehabilitation next week.  Total recovery period for this type of surgery is eight to twelve months. I realize that the word of my condition spread quickly and we have received many cards, well wishes and acts of kindness. Indeed we have felt the power of your prayers! God is Good!

Peace, Love, Hope and Joy!


Philippians 1:3