Our Army Chaplain Family is grieving the loss of a dear Chaplain Brother who recently took his life at Fort Riley, Kansas.  He was serving as a Battalion Chaplain at Fort Riley.  We pray for his family and trust the Lord will give them strength and courage and the Hope of the Resurrection.  “Would-a-should-a-could-a”, is running through my heart and mind, big time!  Could our Shepherds and Elders have been able to help and made a difference?  Nobody knows that.  But we weren’t there!!  That I know!!

I was hoping we would have our Care to Caregivers program in full swing by now.   Fort Riley will be the first place we will be connecting Shepherds and Elders with serving Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants.  I know there are many of you in our retired Chaplaincy Family living within driving distance from Fort Riley.  It is not necessary for a Shepherd or Elder to be within driving distance of the Chaplain or Chaplain Assistant that would be mentored.  A cell phone, email, or text is all one needs to establish a mentoring relationship.  However in the case of Fort Riley and what has happened there recently, we would like to have some of our mentors from the local area mentoring the Chaplains or Chaplain Assistants at Fort Riley.   I am asking you to step forward now and volunteer to be a Shepherd.  Send me a note with your contact information telling me you are ready to step forward to serve as a Shepherd or Elder.  My email address is:  I will personally get in touch with you.  You can also call me at 571-214-1463.

Thank you,

Chaplain (MG-Ret) Gaylord T. Gunhus