Gerald Lamont Holliday – USACCRA Treasure

Welcome to Gerald Holliday who has already started serving as the USACCRA Treasure. Gerald L Holliday


Master Sergeant (Retired) Gerald Lamont Holliday served the nation for twenty-four years on active military duty as an Army Chaplain Assistant.  During his career, his range of duties extended from Staff Office Administrator, Chapel Tithes and Offerings Fund Clerk, Fund Manager, Chaplaincy Resources Manager, Brigade and Division Chaplain Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Chief Training Administrator/Senior Training Instructor, and culminated with his selection and assignment as the Proponent Policy Development and Training Noncommissioned Officer for the Office of the Chief of Chaplains, Headquarters, Department of the Army.

Gerald obtained a vast array of skill sets during his Army career and while working at the executive levels of leadership throughout the agency.  He is dedicated and loyal to the organization he serves and firmly believes in providing quality support to all; regardless of status, race, creed or religion.  These qualities afforded him to be selected to his current position as the Senior Program Manager/Project Manager for the Army Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund transition to centralized accounting.  This transition to centralized accounting provides greater accountability and transparency for over $25 million dollars of religious contributions and will benefit the Chaplain Corps for decades to come.

Gerald considers himself a native Floridian.  He currently resides in Stafford, Virginia with his bride of 22 years, Mrs. Hope Holliday.  They have one son, Dylan Holliday, who is continuing his education at Virginia Tech.