Happy New Year

Free-Happy-New-Year-eCardsDear Chaplain Family,

The year 2013 has gone. The New Year 2014 has arrived. We made a lot of progress as an organization in 2013. We had a more stable year than the year 2012 so much of what you will never see, because he Board worked well together, has made us a better more responsive organization. Our finances are in much better shape thanks to our Treasurer, Charles Hedrick( who will be replaced by  Glen Holliday; our records have been more accurate thanks to our Secretary, Hal Roller;  our membership is contacted and new members called by Paul Howe; our local chapters are growing through the work of Tom Smith; Ina Jansen is working with other wives to include our widows more in our family activities; Alan Buckner and Larry Toelstede and many members in Atlanta are working hard on this year’s conference; GT keeps us in contact with the chiefs office; and the best news of the year is the better communications thanks to the work of Dan DeBlock and our web page. The rest of the Board does what is necessary and possible in our area.

I think we had a great 2013and I hope you will join me in Thanking the Board members.

They year 2014, will have as its highlight our getting together in Atlanta. Our pray is that many of you will plan to join us for this event. We are planning to make it fun and relaxing, but it will only be a success, if you are there with your friendship, stories, and laughter. Have a blessed New Year and see you in Atlanta.