Rodney Callahan

Rodney Callahan writes:

Retired from the USAR chaplaincy in 1997 after 27 years service in the active Army and reserve .(Rank COL). After leaving AD in 1982, I served as a pastor, directed a home for troubled youth, spent 9 yrs in prison(as a chaplain), then 15 years as a hospice chaplain in Macon, GA. Retired from hospice in Aug. 2011. During retirement we have traveled to Switzerland, France, England, Costa Rica, and Texas.
July 9, 1988, remarried to Caroline Carter from Waycross, GA. She retired from teaching in 2011. We have 3 adult daughters and 8 grands.
Attended CHOBC in ’74, CHOAC ’81, CGSC- USAR, 1992. Would enjoy hearing from our military friends.

Contact Info:  403 Taylor Drive, Forsyth, GA 31029-8505    (478)394-0323