NEED C2C Volunteers

NEED C2C Volunteers

We will be conducting the first practical exercise for the Shepherds and Elders in the C2C Program in November (dates to be determined). See the above article “C2C Update.”  If the first two practical exercise were to be conducted today we would have only 1/3 of the Shepherds we need and 1/10 the number of Elders we would need.   All of you know what a great opportunity this is to provide support, encouragement, and support  for our serving Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants and our DREs.   If you haven’t signed up, please do so immediately.  It’s easy!  Go to our Regimental Website, click on the C2C page at the top of the home page, complete the registration form and you become a Shepherd or Elder.

Maybe you can do one more thing that will help to grow our numbers.  Talk to three or more of your chaplain or chaplain assistant friends and encourage them to join.  You can explain how easy it is for them to register and, more importantly, give them an opportunity to serve and support our Chaplain Corps.  Our serving Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants need your support.


In the “C2C Update” article above, the first Practical Exercise which will actually pair up Shepherds and serving Chaplains who are in the C4 Advanced Course was mentioned.  The second C2C Practical Exercise was also mentioned.  This exercise will be different because it will occur at an installation monthly UMT Meeting.  We will choose a specific installation.  The Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants attending the Monthly UMT Meeting will be given the contact information of Shepherds and Elders.  They will be responsible for making contact with their assigned Shepherd or Elder and the mentoring process will begin between the paired individuals.  There will not be a prescribed method for communication.  Email, phone calls, blogs, Twitter, Facebook is all possible.  If the Shepherd or Elder is near an installation where their mentee is assigned, personal face-to-face meetings over a cup of coffee, etc. will also be appropriate.  It will be up to the mentee and the Shepherd or Elder to determine the best way to communicate.