C2C UPDATE October 2013


The C2C (Care to the Caregiver Program) Campaign is progressing, but not as quickly as we would like to see it.  Most of you became Shepherds and Elders two or three months ago and are wondering what is happening and wanting to know when we will actually engage in the program.  We are only one facet of a multi-functional program that is designed to enhance the resiliency of the US Army Chaplain Corps.  The Chief of Chaplains is trying to move all of the parts along at the same speed which requires major coordination.  You can click on the link below to see the briefing slides for the C2C Campaign Plan.

The responsibility of the program will ultimately belong to the Center for Spiritual Leadership (CSL) at the US Army Chaplain Center and School (USACHCS).   The Chief of Chaplains will remain the overseer of the program.  The transition from OCCH to CSL has begun and our first active engagement for Shepherds will take place in November.  The specific date is yet to be determined.  The Chief of Chaplains is calling this our first “practical exercise.”  The names and contact information of the registered Shepherds will be provided to individuals in the present C4 Chaplains Advanced Course.  We will let you know when the specific date is established so you can make arrangements to be available on that date.  It will then be the responsibility of the Shepherds and serving Chaplains to maintain the contact and determined their preferred method of communication.  The same process will take place with Elders and the ANOC students at a later date.  If you have any questions, call me at 571-214-1463 or email at .   GT Gunhus