Members of USACCRA are getting together informally three or four times a year as local chapters.  A chapter can be formed anywhere several members are within easy driving distance and whenever a volunteer will assume responsibility to set the place, date, and time for it.

We are finding that areas near Army installations are especially fruitful, since retirees often locate in those places.  Furthermore, with the cooperation of the Garrison Chaplain on the installation, active duty UMT members can be encouraged to participate, allowing interaction between generations of UMTs.

Below are locations where local chapters are at some point in the process of organizing.  Some are going full steam; others are just now forming.  But anyone interested in becoming involved may learn how to join a local chapter in your area by contacting the person identified as the convener.

Alabama, East Chapter           Tom Smith, Oxford

Arizona Chapter                      Roy Ludlow, Tucson

Atlanta, North Chapter           Wil Parker, Smyrna

Atlanta, South Chapter           Larry Toelstede, Jonesboro

Fort Benning Chapter             Ron Smith, Columbus

Fort Campbell Chapter           Roger Heath, Clarksville

Fort Knox Chapter                   Jack Morrison, Elizabethtown

Michigan Chapter                   Herm Keizer, Caledonia; Jay Ellens, Farmington Hills

Pennsylvania Chapter             Grover DeVault, Lancaster

San Antonio Chapter               Will Peacock, Ron Bowren, Kim Casey, Nancy Moore

Twin Cities Chapter                George Schwantes, Burnsville

Washington Chapter               Susan Dahl, Donna Weddle, Eric Weston

Obviously, there is much potential to organize a chapter near other installations.  All that is lacking is a volunteer to coordinate the process.  For information on volunteering, just contact Tom Smith at  He will provide you a list of some of the people known to be living in that area with e-mails and phone numbers.  He will offer suggestions on how others have had success in moving ahead.

The bonds that form in these small groups are extremely supportive. The stories old-timers can tell the active duty folks are often humorous, and the updates from the active duty and active reserve folks are often fascinating to the retirees.

In short, the benefits that come from this interaction far outweigh the initiative required to get it started.  Try it; you’ll like it.