Happy 65th Anniversary to our Directors of Religious Education!

1235467_510874005654632_1209601708_nHappy 65th Anniversary to our Directors of Religious Education! DREs provide the Army Chaplain Corps with professional subject matter expertise in meeting the Faith Formation and Religious Education needs of Soldiers and their Families. Directors of Religious Education are there to support the Chaplain Corps mission to provide for the USC Title 10 rights of Soldiers to have an opportunity to express their faith in a free and supportive manner. This right extends to the religious development of each Soldier and their Family. Because DREs are civilian staff, they also provide critical continuity of care as military members are constantly moved and deployed. Important to all religious programs is the volunteer worker; DREs provide all elements of volunteer background checks, administration, placement and training for the Army Chaplain Corps.

US Army Religious Education facts:
– Our first recorded Director of Religious Education was E. (Emma) Bryan Johnson at Fort Bragg in 1948.
– The longest serving DRE, Mr. Charlie Spears served at Fort Monmouth for 39 years. He is now retired.
– The oldest DRE is still active at Aberdeen Proving Ground: Ms. Gerri Merkel!
– Most senior DRE currently serving is Dr. Dennis Scheck (38 years of service as of 2013).

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