Help Needed

Coordinator of C2C Volunteers

We need a coordinator for the C2C Volunteer Team.  It requires a working knowledge of spreadsheets.  The coordinator will receive the application form, transfer some of the data (name, address, and contact information) to a spreadsheet, and store the application forms in a file.  Once we are operational, you will provide the data to the appropriate family life chaplain at the installations. The family life chaplain will assign the volunteers as the Shepherds and Elders to mentor our serving chaplains and chaplain assistants. If you are interested in serving as the coordinator, contact GT Gunhus at .

Coordinator for “Where are You Now”

One of our efforts to provide information to you about our Chaplain Corps Family is the “Where are You Now” (Formerly Ministry Report) on our website.  Essentially, individual can click on the “Where are Now” page, fill in a form and it is sent to the USACCRA Director of Communications. He will pass the form to the coordinator, who will consolidate the input to be place on the association blog. It might take a couple of hours a week, depending on how much input is received.  If you are interested in doing this, contact GT Gunhus at