Kenneth J. Schroeder

Kenneth J. Schroeder writes:  I am happily retired with my fellow priests and brothers in our community (Missionaries of the Precious Blood)here at St. Charles Center, located in west central Ohio. St. Charles is our former seminary. It ceased being a seminary in 1969. Five years ago we renovated the building, built in 1922, into 54 apartments. Presently, there are 28 retired priests and five brothers living in these apartments, along with 20 lay people who live here with us. I stay quite active in ministry, filling in for area pastors who need vacation time. Almost every weekend there is some parish in which I am celebrating Masses. The Elks golf course is less than a quarter of a mile from here. I get out a couple times a week. We also have a nice carpenter shop which allows me to do some woodworking, especially in the winter months.  Ken lives in Celina, Ohio.  Email address is: