Billy Libby lives in Abilene, Texas and writes:

Continue to teach an adult Sunday school class at St. Paul United Methodist Church which is called the “Pathfinders” and began as a class of RVN vets and their spouses. In recent years we have added veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as adult children of veterans. Several class members were in RVN while I was there, but we did not know one another there.

For a number of years, I have been active in the 101st Airborne Association, attending annual national meetings and writing articles for the Association magazine The Screaming Eagle.

Known as a veteran here in town, I am also periodically called upon for weddings and funerals. For example, last Fall I was asked to conduct a funeral for an Air Force retiree who had served in Viet Nam and Thailand. In a few weeks I will perform the wedding of his grown son.

For 18 years I have also taught Old Testament at McMurry University, a Methodist liberal arts college here in Abilene. Because I also take students to Israel and Jordan for archaeological work and study groups, the classes are usually full.


  1. Dear Billy, I live in Dallas and have served as Rabbi for Temple Mizpah in Abilene (part time) for the last 10 years.

    Lets connect and get together.

    Fondly, Murray Berger Chaplain(COL), USAR ret.