Message from the Chief of Chaplains

The Army Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (MG) Donald Rutherford and his staff, continue to work with us to establish the Care to Caregivers (C2C).  Members of the USACCRA are the essential players in to the program. This past week nineteen members of the Association, chaplains and chaplain assistants, registered to be Shepherds and Elders.  We are grateful for those of you who registered.  We need many more of you to serve as Shepherds and Elders. We will keep you informed how our team is growing and where we are in process of bringing the program on board.  This week we received a video message from the Chief of Chaplains in which he emphasizes the importance of the Shepherds and Elders in executing the C2C Program.  (Link to the Chief’s video.)   


  1. I am a retired Army Chaplain and have been asked to speak to a local congregation about the ministry of the Chaplain. I would like to have some materials about the present day Chaplaincy I could use in my presentation. It would also be good if those materials could include information about the challenges that today a Chaplain has to face. I know that given the issues reported in the media about Chaplains there will be questions raised. And I would like to speak truthfully about the climate for ministry in today’s Chaplaincy. The folk I will be speaking to are great supporters of the military and the Chaplaincy.
    Thanks. . .

    Ron Mallow

  2. 1. Miss the Chief’s Newsletter

    2. Why cannot retired Army chaplains do volunteer chaplain ministry at VA hospitals without CPE after years of taking care of troops?