Bernie Lieving lives in Tampa, Florida and writes:

I will be retiring from full-time ministry at Hyde Park United Methodist 11 August 2013 when I preach my final sermon as a staff member. I have served here 19 years (since I retired from the chaplaincy) first as Associate Pastor, then Executive Pastor, and concluding as Congregational Care Pastor. Dorothy and I will be staying in Tampa. I will continue in ministry, especially by providing a military chaplain presence at a couple funeral homes for memorial services or funerals for those families who desire such for their deceased loved one(s) and who do not have a church affiliation.


  1. Bernie, you have been such a blessing to so many people myself included. Melba and I will always be grateful for your mentoring and friendship.


    Lawrence Barry CH (COL), (Ret)
    Tumwater, WA

  2. I read the article about you in the Tampa Tribune yesterday. Thank you for your service to God and country and I am sorry to hear about your wife, Dorothy.
    I got this strong message “Oh ye of little Faith” and I feel that I was asked to contact you. I listen to 1250 WFLA on Sundays at 9 a.m. and there is a lady, pastor Annette Longo O’Donnel, who says that there is no such thing as disease but dis-ease and that God made us perfect in his image, therefore we are perfect and think disease because of conditioning. She had a daughter who was born with Downes Syndrome and she prayed for over 2 years for her child and now her daughter is a lawyer. Another time she talked about a patient who was in a coma for years in a hospital where she worked as a nurse and she had a dream about the lady being inside a petroleum barrel and banging to get out, so next day she talked to the lady instead of just washing and feeding her and asked all the other nurses to do the same, saying they were here to help her get out; she came out of the coma. She is so positive with cases of Cancer cures etc. and I believe she can help Dorothy and you. You just have to believe. I read natural health magazines because I had Cancer years ago and refused chemo and radiation and turned to natural herbs that God provides, and have been fine for over 5 years now. One of the best natural aids for Alzheimer’s is organic coconut oil taken daily and it can reverse the degeneration of the mind. I am asking that you give this a chance for Dorothy, it will not cost much, just add the organic coconut oil to oatmeal in the morning or add it to a drink mix of something like orange or pineapple juice. I pray this will work for your wife and you. Please listen to Annette one Sunday or go online and read about her and her clinic in Texas – you are both messengers of God and she might be able to show you a new way of seeing Alzheimers. God bless you both.