C2C Care to Caregiver

Dear Chaplain Family.

Herman Keizer, Jr.

In the last note that Dan De Block sent to you was a report of the on-going talks between the Army Chief of Chaplains and Chaplain G.T. Gunhus on a mentoring program using members of our Chaplain Family and members of the active force: chaplains; chaplain assistants; and Directors of Religious Education.  I want to celebrate that agreement and invite you to celebrate it with me. What an opportunity for us as chaplains to give  back from our experiences and to share that experience with other chaplains who are trying to balance the dual professional role of commissioned officer and religious leader – holders of two offices; clergy and commissioned officer. Anything you read on chaplaincy in the military will point to this dual calling as one of the top tensions of our calling. The same is true for others in our chaplain family to do the same with assistants and DREs.

 When I look back on my ministry of 34 years as a chaplain, I see standing alongside me some senior chaplains, other Commissioned and Non-commissioned officers who spent time with me, helping me learn the craft of being a person of faith ministering in a secular environment – the military. Their words of advice and counsel were invaluable.

We, as an organization have made a commitment to keep our legacy alive – a chaplaincy vital, current, and committed to being the conscience of the Army and the protector of religious freedom of all serving within the Army. Now we can put that commitment into action and become mentors to those on active duty, in the reserves and National Guard.

I had the privilege of mentoring the chaplains from my faith community when I was the Director of Chaplaincy Ministries and the endorser of chaplains. I see many of them at our annual Chaplains Retreat and keep our relationship alive and open. I am thrilled when they send an email asking for some history concerning a program or a challenge. A large part of the thrill is my reliving some of my memories and enjoying remembering men and women who served with me. I find every exchange with them an opportunity to pass on what was passed to me.

Some of our regional groups will find opportunities to invite new folks into our organizations and have their get to gathers enlivened by the enthusiasm of active and reserve members of the family. I hope this is a new and welcomed opportunity for you. You will hear more concerning this program soon. I am thankful for G.T.s leadership and his continued efforts on behalf of the chaplaincy.

In His Service,


Herman Keizer, Jr.


This effort will leverage the experience and wisdom of our former Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants as mentors and coaches to current members of the Corps. Sign up Here

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